My name is Anne Swindeman.  I was raised in a family owned apple growing, packing and shipping business in Michigan (Applewood Orchards, Inc.) and hold Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Horticulture from Michigan State University.  I moved to the Yakima Valley in 1985 where I am a self employed postharvest consultant with the Washington tree fruit industry working under the business name of Apple Advice.  My strong foundation in the sciences has also helped me tremendously in my quest to breed the healthiest, soundest Labradors possible.    

Eight generations of Labradors have shared my home and 5 fenced acres in the past almost 30 years.   And yes, they are all named after apple varieties (and they eat more than their fair share of apples during my harvest testing season too)!!!  All breeding stock is OFA certified for hips, elbows and cadiac, and eyes are examined by an ACVO diplomate (eye specialist) annually as recommended by our breed club.  In addition, DNA testing is employed to ensure that no puppy produced here will ever go blind due to PRA (prcd form), or be affected with EIC, CNM, HNPK etc.  Because these genetic issues (PRA, CNM, EIC, HNPK and RD/OSD1) are recessively inherited, it is important we keep at least one tested clear parent for each disorder in the breeding pair so we never produce the disorder. Intelligent use of such test results will go a long way in improving the health of our Labrador breed.   For more info on these health conditions, please visit the Library page.  All of the Labradors living here as well as those who I have breeding rights to, are also certified to be clear of the "dilute" gene via the D-locus test as requested by our parent club, the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.  
I have been avidly involved in AKC performance venues with my girls, currently working them in obedience, rally, hunt tests and to a lesser degree now in agility and tracking, and have titled several as International show champions (IABCA).  I  have also bred several PSLRA All Around and/ or Versatile Labradors over the years.  

I am a member of The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (LRC),  Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association (PSLRA) , Columbia Basin Dog Training Club and the Yakima Valley Kennel Club (YVKC).

I have also participated in Labrador Rescue  for several years and currently work as a volunteer with the LRC, Inc. Rescue Task Force at the national breed club level.  Because of what I've seen and experienced in Rescue,  I breed only occasionally and always with the goal of improving my lines, and hopefully, the breed.  

I strive to produce Labradors that not only can do the work this breed was intended for, but also ones that look like a "classic" Labrador, live long and healthy lives, and of course, have fun doing it with their families!   

All pups are placed with great care into only the best homes.   I welcome email inquiries from prospective buyers, but please understand breeding is not a business for me.  I typically only breed 1 or 2 litters per year, so visitations are limited only to those folks who have been pre-screened and on my wait list.   I am always happy to meet up with folks at dog events if you'd like to meet my dogs, however.  

 About WindyCanyon 
WindyCanyon's Ima Pink Lady CDX SH OA OAJ CC CGC "Rosa"  (Laura Berger, copyright 2003)
Mata-- one of my "Lab Assistants"
Anne with Jazz, Fuji and Packer as babies
Anne, Mata and Fuji posing together at the 2007 LRC, Inc. National Event in Oregon.   Mata won first place in  Open A Obedience at only 2.5 yrs old!
Probably the most fun part of being a breeder is seeing my puppy owners attain their dreams.   Pictured here is a very proud Mark Levine and IntCH MACH3 PACH 3 WindyCanyon's Dark Ranger CD RA JH MXC MJS2 MXP3 MCPB MJP5  MJPS PAX OF XFP T2BP2 CC  CGC... or as we all know and love him-----   Strider!    
June 3, 2018:  Four generations present!   Back row is Mama Kanzi (4 yrs old), Grandma Envy (9.5 yrs old) and Great Grandma Mata (13.33 yrs old).  Last but NOT least is 10 wk old "Honey"!!!!

The whole family!  L to R:  Mata, Ruby, Kanzi, Honey, Pippin, Envy and Kiku.    (Summer 2018)