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Local & Regional (WA) & National Clubs: 

The Yakima Valley Kennel Club:  YVKC is an AKC member club which holds annual All Breed Dog Shows and Obedience Trials, agility trials, as well as obedience and conformation classes, seminars and health clinics.    

Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association:   PSLRA holds an annual Labrador Retriever Specialty Show, 2 hunt tests per year, an agility trial, a health clinic and numerous training days and educational events.  Monies raised from certain events go to support Lab Rescue and medical research projects.

The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc:    The LRC is the  parent club for the Labrador breed in the U.S.  It works with the AKC on such issues as the breed standard.. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC):   The AKC remains the leading canine registry in the U. S.  This site offers information on  over 150 established breeds in addition to  sanctioned events such as conformation shows, obedience and rally trials, hunt tests, agility trials, tracking tests and herding trials.  

Columbia Basin Dog Training Club:   CBDTC offers a wide range of classes in obedience, rally, agility and freestyle in the Tri-Cities.

The SunDogs Agility Club:  This is a club formed for agility enthusiasts in the Valley.  They are currently holding agility classes in Yakima and are seeking new members.  

Sand and Sage Hunting Retriever Club:  SSHRC holds training days and an annual AKC hunt test each fall at Scootney Reservoir near Mesa, WA.   

My Favorite Online Health Resources:

The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals:   For information regarding genetic conditions including Hip and Elbow dysplasia and other disorders.  Their online database is invaluable for anyone wanting to breed or buy a Labrador!  Final OFA hip and elbow clearances cannot be done until a dog turns 2 yrs old.

Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF):  For information regarding genetic eye issues affecting dogs, as well as an online database.  Eye exams should be done annually on all breeding stock by an ACVO diplomate (eye specialist), beginning with puppies as young as 6 wks old, and done annually through 10 yrs old. 

Optigen, LLC:   prcd-PRA is a late onset, recessively-inherited eye disease that causes blindness in Labradors and a number of other breeds.  Optigen has recently developed a gene test which is helping breeders tremendously in eradicating this disease.  

Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM)  The age of onset of this disabling disease varies between 2 to 5 months, with an awkward gait and a decreased exercise tolerance, associated with a generalized muscle weakness. The pup will never recover from this disabling disease. Researchers at Alfort in France recently developed a gene test to help eradicate this disease in Labradors.  

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)EIC has only been studied for the past decade, and is present not only in both field and show lines of Labradors, but other breeds as well.   A commercial test was released to the public in July, 2008.  Click here for a link to the testing laboratory.   Here is some more good info on EIC.

Wing-n-Wave Labradors:   Site owner Pamela Davol has knocked herself out with her numerous articles covering everything anyone needs to know about buying, breeding and living with Labradors!

BMD Health Info Links:  A great veterinary resource to add to your collection!

Looking for a Holistic Vet?:   A site to help you find an alternative/holistic vet near you (chiropractic, nutritional support, prolotherapy, acupuncture, etc). 

My Labrador "Friends & Family":

NachesRiverRetrievers:   Michelle & Brandon have Macie & Mako from me and are just starting their breeding program.  They have helped me tremendously here.

JanRod Labs:   Bandit is Mata, Sonya and Sam's sire.  There's nothing not to love about that guy in my opinion!

Ms T's Labs:  Home of Tio and many other gorgeous Labs, as well as their dogmom, Terri, who made this website possible!!!  (Thanks again, Terri!!!)

Rattlin' Ridge Labradors:  Home of our local hunt test training partner and Lab breeder friend, Joan St. Hilaire!

Skyfire Labradors:   Alibi is Fuji and Jazzy's sire.  What a teddy bear!

The Captain's Kennels:   Home of many nice, classic looking Labradors.   Sailor is Kiku's daddy!

Waterspook Labradors:   Home of our friend Karen Waltman and her Labrador crew in N. Califormia!

More links coming.... Please check back!!!

Cosmo, Mata, Fuji and Strider posing with their JH ribbons after a Spring hunt test.