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***WindyCanyon puppies are sold on Limited AKC Registration with an option to convert to Full AKC Registration after age 2, as outlined in my contract.***
   For a copy of my contract, please email me with your background info as requested above.
Looking for a Well Bred Labrador puppy???
Please read  A Guide For Breeders and Buyers, the PSLRA Code of Ethics and related articles on that page.  Also, visit the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc
Do your homework BEFORE shopping!  Decide what "type" of lab you want, what energy level and size best fits your household and lifestyle, etc., before you commit to a litter.  Please note---there is only ONE AKC Labrador Retriever Standard!   There are no such things as "Dilute Labs" (the so called silver, charcoal, or champagne).
VERIFY all health info the breeder provides.  Many records can be checked online w/ the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).  Don't accept "prelims" or the written word on someone's website... VERIFY using OFA site. 
*Also ask about PRA, EIC, CNM, and HNPK genetic testing--  at least one parent should be tested clear for each!  And EVERY Labrador should be tested as Dilute (DD) Clear!
There are ONLY THREE recognized colors for Labrador Retrievers:   Black, Chocolate and Yellow.   
Read the LRC, Inc. insert which was supposed to be included with all new AKC puppy registrations starting in 2018.  

Silver, Charcoal and Champagne (dilute deviations) are NOT recognized colors.   Read the AKC Lab Parent Club's statement here:

And what about those "Doodles"???  Read the AKC Labrador Club position statement here:

STILL want one of those "Designer Dogs"???  Check the Pound!!!!  

Confused with the chatter you hear out there about English vs American Labradors???  It's all a marketing gimmick!  Americans are clearly hung up on labels these days, which saddens me.    There is only ONE AKC Labrador Standard! 

Deposits will be requested from the folks already on my wait list starting ~2 wks after the litter is whelped.  All deposits are Non-Refundable unless I am unable to provide you with a pup meeting your basic criteria (see above "description").  You may then choose to apply your deposit to a future litter or I will refund the deposit in full.  

Note:  As the breeder, I retain the right to first pick(s) of each litter.   These selections are generally made after puppies turn 7 weeks old.
 The Breeding gods have not been kind lately, but I hope to breed Scarlet and may possibly have a litter w/ Mirrie (other titleholders page) later in the year after she finishes her Senior Hunter title.  

If you are interested in being added to my wait list for a pup from WindyCanyon, please email me with a bit about yourself and any immediate family members.  Describe to me your idea of the "perfect Labrador" (color and gender preferences, energy level, etc, along with the primary activities you plan to pursue with your pup).  Your location as well as any past experience with Labradors is appreciated.  I generally only breed 1 or 2 litters per year in the late fall or winter (after my busy apple season is behind me), so your timeline and any budgetary constraints may be important  to note as well.  Please note that veterinary & breeding fees, etc, have significantly affected puppy pricing in recent years!   It's good to shop around before putting your name on my wait list. Please do not inquire if you are not 100% ready to commit to a new puppy now!
*Emails just asking about availability and price will not be taken seriously *
I take pride in placing the right pup with the right owner, so everyone wins.   Some of my pups are geared more toward "working" homes, meaning hunting or performance homes, but many will do well with active, outdoorsy type families.   
If I don't feel my litter is the best fit for your family, I will try to steer you toward a more suitable one--  another reason why the written details from you are important!
Though I understand the desire to visit and pre-screen breeders, this is my home,  not a "kennel facility". I also operate my own fruit consulting business from here, so visitations are limited to pre-approved families-- by appointment only.   I am happy to provide personal and professional references if so desired.
PLEASE NOTE:   **WindyCanyon does not ship puppies!** 
WindyCanyon puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks unless prior arrangements have been made and mutually agreed upon well in advance (at least 4 weeks).  Additional boarding / training fees may apply.

Another excellent resource is the PSLRA puppy referral listing for puppies and older dogs currently being advertised by fellow lab club members.  All litters listed there must comply with the PSLRA Code of Ethics (both parents must have a minimum of hip, elbow and current eye clearances on file along with other breed specific genetic testing such as EIC, CNM, and PRA).

 Please also read the following article "Signs of a Responsible Breeder" 
with particular attention to the paragraph regarding breeders involved with "fad colors".  Breeders only touting DNA clearances without any OFA hip, elbow, cardiac (echo) and annual eye clearances are not doing it right by the breed either.  We do NOT have "genetic"/ DNA based tests for these conditions and they can be extremely costly, plus will affect quality of life if severe.  
Don't walk away-- RUN from these people! 
Roxy at 24 days old
Roxy at 2 yrs old helping to socialize Envy's pups