The WindyCanyon Girls

Intl CH HIT WindyCanyon's Kiku A Fuji Too CDX RE JH CC "Kiku"(dob 04/12/09)
2012 PSLRA All Arounder

At barely 2 yrs old, Kiku finished her CDX in 4 trials, followed by a High in Trial!!!  She also finished her Rally Excellent title with minimal training!
Intl UKC CH Neverest Set Sail With The Cptn x 
Int'l CH WindyCanyon's Sweetest Fuji CDX RN JH NA NAJ CC

CHIC# 82182: OFA Hips Good, Elbows normal
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal at 11 yrs
Eyes normal  through age 10 
Optigen PRA(prcd) Carrier, 
EIC Clear (U of MN VDL & DDC),
CNM Clear by virtue of parentage
HNPK, DD Clear. 

Intl CH WindyCanyon's SweeTango CD RA JH CC  "Tango"  
(dob 3/29/10)
2013 PSLRA All Arounder
NEW Intl CH on 10/6/2012
NEW  JH on 8/11/2013
LRC Conformation Certificate 10/9/2013

Am Can CH Timberline Big Ben At Fawnhaven SH RN x 
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Northern Spy CDX RA JH OA OAJ CC 
CHIC# 82195:  OFA Hips Good, 
Elbows Normal,
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal
Eyes normal annually since 7.5 weeks, plus Optigen PRA(prcd),  CNM  and EIC Clear (All by virtue of parentage) and DD, HNPK and RD/OS Clear by DNA test

Enjoying Semi-retirement.....
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Kanzi CDX BN RE JH "Kanzi"
"Kanzi" (dob 3/20/2014)
2017 PSLRA All Arounder

Kanzi is my go to helper around here.   She earned her Intl CH title and finished both her CDX and Junior Hunter (JH) titles at age 3.  She also whelped her first litter in March of 2018 and was a wonderful mom (see baby Honey on this page and Arlo on the Boys page!!!)...   
Litter diary is here.

Poplar Forst Jumpn Jck Synergy MH WCX  x  Intl CH WindyCanyon's Envy CDX RE JH CC

OFA Hips Good / Elbows Normal 25mos
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal 12 mos
OFA Eyes Normal: 8 wks & and annually
PRA Clear by virtue of parents
DD, HNPK Clear (DDC)
EIC Clear (U of MN)
CNM Clear (Alfort)
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Ruby Pink CD BN RA JH CC "Ruby"  (dob 1/30/2015)
2018 PSLRA All Arounder

Ruby made her debut in the Rally Novice ring at barely 6 mos old, earning her first RN leg wth a 95 (of 100) and 2nd place and finished up with a 97 on 9/27/2015 at less than 8 mos old.  She started and finished both her Beginner Novice Obed (BN) and Rally Advanced (RA) titles at 20 mos in one weekend w/ very high scores, and completed her Novice Obedience (CD) &  Junior Hunter (JH) shortly thereafter. Scarlet (below) is one of Ruby's daughters. Litter diary is here. 

Can CH Cedarwood Capability Brown @ Blackthorn JH x
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Roxbury Russet CD RA JH CC

OFA hips Good/ elbows Normal 24 mos
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal 26 mos 
Eyes Normal at 7 wks and annually.
PRA & CNM Clear by virtue of parents
DD Clear, HNPK Carrier, EIC Carrier (U of MN)

Intl CH WindyCanyon's Pippin CD BN RA JH CC "Pip"
(dob 1/31/2017)

Pippin has finished her IABCA conformation championship, winning BOB in one of the shows, as well as several rally & obedience titles and most recently, her Junior Hunter title which now qualifies her for her PSLRA All Arounder award!

IntCH Windycanyons Raising The Bar CD RE CC
  x  IntlCH WindyCanyon's Lethal Weapon CD BN RA CC WC CGC

OFA hips Good/ elbows Normal 24 mos 
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal at 26 mos
Eyes Normal at 7 wks and annually.
PPG:  PRA (prcd) & EIC Carrier, 
CNM, HNPK, RD/OSD1, SD2, DM, DD Clear. 

Intl CH WindyCanyons ItsOnlyMoney HoneyCrisp CD BN RA JH CC "Honey"  (dob 3/24/2018)

Honey is my first yellow since Great Great Great Great Granny Winnie born in 1992!!!  We are training and competing in Rally, Obedience, Conformation and Hunt tests. She recently finished her Junior Hunter (JH), Rally Advanced and CD Obedience titles.  I hope to breed Honey Fall '22.

​Int CH Bar-M's Land To Sea Higgins RA MH TKA x 
 Intl CH WindyCanyon's Kanzi CDX RE JH 

OFA Hips Excellent/ Elbows Normal 24 mos
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal at 12 mos​
Eyes normal at 7.5 weeks and annually.
(EIC & DD clear by DDC;  PRA, CNM, RD/OSD, HNPK Clear by parentage)


WindyCanyon's Lady In Red BN RA "Scarlet" 
 (dob 3/06/2019)

Scarlet is now 3 yrs old and maturing very nicely.  Besides having fun being a puppy, she's been training and competing in obedience and rally, field work & conformation.  

GCH CH Simerdown's Spin Doctor x 
 Intl CH WindyCanyon's Ruby Pink CD BN RA JH CC

​Eyes normal / current
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows L Normal/ R Grade 1
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal (16 mos)
PRA, EIC, CNM, RD/OSD, Copper Tox, DD all Clear
HNPK Carrier


WindyCanyon's Cosmic Crisp BN RA "CC"
(dob 11/18/2019)

CC is currently training & competing in Rally, Obedience and Junior Hunter (JH).  She has a ton of drive and is quite compact and nicely structured.  

GCH CH Simerdown's Spin Doctor  x 
​ Intl CH WindyCanyon's Kanzi CDX RE JH 

Eyes Normal/ current
OFA Hips Excellent
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Cardiac (Echo) Normal
EIC, CNM, RD/OS, PRA, HNPK, Copper Tox etc:  All normal