WindyCanyon Labs is located north of Yakima, WA,  near the entrance of the scenic Yakima River Canyon.  As the name implies, gusty winds are common here....  
You'd best hang onto your hat if you come to visit, but don't worry, one of the girls will be happy to retrieve it for you if needed!

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Littermates Jazzy, Fuji and Strider (17 mos old in photo) 
taken after a 2005 hunt test.  
All of the above girls (representing 3 WindyCanyon generations) were recently confirmed by DNA testing to be "DD" = Dilute Gene Free.  
Why is this important?   Read here:  The Issue of the Silver Labrador

Summer 2020 Family Photo
L to R:  Kiku, CC, Ruby, Pippin, Scarlet, Kanzi, Honey and Envy.  
Envy has since passed and is dearly missed.